Hailing from Beaumont, TX, Kaz Edwards is a true product of a small town upbringing. Community crawfish boils, boudain-cookoffs, and Pontchartrain-style fish frys were regular staples in this gulf shore life and played a large part in shaping his passion for cooking. It was the men in his family - dad, uncles, and grandfathers- hovering over an oven or fire pit preparing these southern dishes that ultimately inspired him to pursue a culinary career.

Edwards is a graduate of the University of Texas in Austin and the Texas Culinary Academy. While attending TCA he was offered an unpaid externship at Uchi, and considering student loans, he hesitated in taking the position. In the end he choose to buckle down and see where the opportunity took him. It was a critical choice for Edwards that he now looks back on as a milestone decision in his life. In his time at Uchi, Edwards has traveled Italy and staged at several Michelin rated restaurants in California, including The Restaurant at Meadowood (3 star Michelin) and Ubuntu (vegetarian 1 star Michelin). After rising through the ranks to become Chef de Cuisine of Uchi Houston, Edwards says: “I will forever be a student in the culinary world and Uchi will always be my home.”

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